Friday, June 1, 2007

Alive, Exhausted, and on my way to the spa

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really in the Peace Corps. I mean I'm going to the spa tomorrow, I'm on the Internet today, and the kids in my 7th grade class finally paid attention to me this week. Maybe this is making up for the absolutely horrible week I had before.


rocksalive777 said...


Just thought I'd drop by your blog and say hi. Hope Bulgaria is enjoyable and that the spa was fun (really, a spa and internet? That's awesome).

I thought I'd mention that I got Merton's Book of Hours and am loving it. Just started today and it's already amazing. Thanks for recommending him.


Grace Oguntebi said...

krista!!! i just found your blog today and i read through all the posts and i love it! are you going to move to that new city soon? cuz i want to send a letter and who knows how long it will take from chile to there... you're so awesome! love, grace

me said...

Hope Bulgaria is treating you well. Things in Uganda are great! Many of your stories make me laugh since they are similar to mine (eventhough we're in totally different situations). ahh..the life of a PCV! -amanda