Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Don't belive it? Well, it's all true.

If you haven't heard (which if you are in the USA I doubt you have) there is a heat wave sweeping through Eastern Europe. Lots of people have died already, only 2 in Bulgaria as of two days ago, but I'm sure the number has risen. Today, in a town 45 km's away the high was 107 F, and that town is in the mountains, however mine is not and I'm guessing we peaked out at about 110 F with 7% humidity. There hasn't been a drop of rain in weeks, the humidity level never rises about 20%, and there are fires everyday. It's pretty serious actually.
I came to Bulgaria specifically for COLD weather. That was one of my only requirements for placement. And what do I get? A heat-wave that's setting records and proving Global Warming isn't a joke. Well, I didn't need proof. I believed it just fine before coming to a scorching hot place that's supposed to be cool and even frigid. Instead of enjoying a warm sunny apartment I feel like I'm baking. Instead of having a good lunch and a long walk, I eat two cucumbers because I feel like anything more will make me sick and then take a cold shower or lay on my bed.
Ahhh! The heat is wilting me. Lucky for me there is a two day break in the 100+ temperatures this week. On Wednesday and Thursday it will only be in the mid-90's... Oh how lucky. And yet, I really am happy over this break. For the past 7 days the high has been over 100. In the past month there have only been 6 days where the observed high was below 90 degrees! It does cool down for about 2 hours during the night, but then before 9 am it's hot again.
Please send me cooling thoughts. :-)


Leslie said...

cooling thoughts, let's see...
it's the end of july and i'm wearing sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt this morning to walk the dog because it was so brisk!
stay cool and don't get sick! love you and praying for you :)

rocksalive777 said...

When I get annoyed by Georgia weather, I think about Seattle. Or Alaska. Or anywhere not in the southeast, really. But mostly Seattle.