Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Final Steps

So I've taken care of almost everything. I have my plane ticket for Philadelphia (that's where staging is going to take place) on Friday the 13th (such an ominous day). I've paid all my bills that can be paid right now. I'm starting to see all my friends and family and slowly say "See you later" (because I don't say "good-bye's" unless I know I'll never see you again). Everything is starting to fall into place and feel taken care of. As the day to leave approaches I feel much more calm and ready, which is odd 'cause I certainly thought I'd be flipping out or at least more stressed with each day instead of less.
I've gotten a lot of questions about some of the details so here's some explaining: Friday the 13th, I'll fly to Philly and start Staging. Staging is a two-day orientation to the Peace Corps in general, not the specific country, for all of the Trainees (PCT's) for Bulgaria. There will be about 40 PCT's in my group. Sunday the 15th (it's just not as fun to say as Friday the 13th), all of us will bus over to NYC for our flight to Bulgaria. It'll take a full day of flying with a lay over in Germany to get us to Sofia, Bulgaria. The first four days in Bulgaria we (the 40ish PCT's) will be at a hotel getting some primary training before moving in with our host families. The fourth day, or maybe the fifth, we will meet our host families and go with them. I'll live with a host family in a medium-sized town for the first three months. There will be 4 to 5 other PCT's in the same town as me with other families. Training is three months of intensive language learning, culture adaptation, skill training, and just time to deal with all the things that you don't expect to have to deal with. About 10ish weeks into training I'll find out what town/village/community I'll be in for the next two years. So, just to re-cap, I don't know where I'm going to be living within Bulgaria for the two years and won't for the next few months. The address I have is only for while I'm in training for the first 3 months.
I'll be teaching English as a foreign language to High Schoolers once I finish training. I really can't wait. Each day I get more and more excited and anticipatory. I'll be in Atlanta this Friday and Saturday if you would like to get together just call me. I'll be in Athens later today, that's a little bit shorter notice, but same thing goes. I'm also going to Eggs in the Easy for Easter weekend and I'm sure I'll get to catch most people there. Only two and a half weeks left!

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me said...

congrats! you will love it! Uganda is amazing! don't stress, its not worth it! I'll try to get mail out to you soon so you have something for when you get there!