Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Two Days, Too People, To Parents

I can barely stop myself from running outside and jumping around (the cold rain is a good deterrent though). The four glasses of sweet tea may have something to do with it, but I'm sure my exuberant abundance of excitement about leaving in less than Two Days is the main cause. I can't believe it. I mean that phrase very literally; it is very hard for me to grasp and believe that in two days I will be on a plane and gone from Atlanta for over two years. In the past weeks I've come to realize how much I love ATL. I always knew that I enjoyed the city and never minded living in it, but I feel like Atlanta is home. I'll miss it while I'm away; I missed it even when I was only an hour away.

My parents are being hysterical, well hysterically funny. My mom tries to dramatize every moment. Tuesday night we're all watching TV and she blurts out "Krista! This is the LAST Tuesday night you'll be watching TV with your parents! *fake sob* *fake sob*." Then, as we leave for church, "Krista! This is the LAST time you're going to church with us!! *gasp* (as she swoons with her arm on her forehead)." It's better than crying and funnier than moping. My dad is reserved, but very intent on saying "Bye, I love you!" every time he or I leave the house.

Packing isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. And yes, I did make an Excel spreadsheet and already pre-packed just to make sure everything would fit. But I was still debating exactly what to bring (and I kinda still am). It's been much easier to start weeding things down though. I have one bag entirely packed; it's like a heaven for vacuum bags. I had some stuff, like my amazing 5 pound buckwheat pillow that I love like a child, that I just couldn't take. Then there was some more stuff that now fit since I wasn't taking the other stuff. All in all I've just got a ton of stuff, actually only about 100 pounds of stuff but that's still alot.


Livia said...

Ahhh Krista! I can't believe you're leaving for so long, but I'm thrilled that I got to see you once more before you leave! And, I'm even more excited that you'll be trying to keep people updated. Best of luck and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

Kelly said...

I love you, Krista! I know you will have a wonderful time! I hope you learn a lot and help other people learn a lot too! Be safe and have fun! See you later...