Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm leaving TODAY!

I'm so excited! Yes, our flight might be canceled. Yes, we have to sit in the first airport for 5 hours. Yes, we have to sit in the second airport for 4 hours. Yes, it's pouring outside. Yes, I have way too much and way to heavy luggage. BUT I'm still really excited!! I'll miss you all terribly though.

I really like all the people I met here. They're all so different but so similar. There's the quiet guy or two. I'm the crazy girl, I have a feeling. We have the thoughtful few and the ones who kinda go along for the ride. And I like them all; that's the best thing.

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The Mom said...

Hey, Kris, I'm sure glad you left before all this Virginia Tech stuff happened. It's all over the news--very hard to see and hear the parents talking about their children. What a waste of so many lives with such great potential! It's hard to believe it happened.

Thanks for all your calls home before you left. I've honestly been so busy that I haven't had a spare moment to be mopey yet.

I had dinner w/ Diedra, Annemarie & Miles last night! What an unexpected treat -- we met halfway in Decatur, IN. Annemarie is 6' tall now -- Miles isn't too much shorter than me! OF course you were part of the dinner conversation! Love you and think about you throughout the day. PRaying that all is well and you stay safe, Mum