Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bravo Bulgaria

Well I'm in Byala Slatina and I love it. I wrote a huge post on my laptop, but don't have access to wireless right now so I'll just give a little blurb for now.
At first I was skeptical. The outskirts of town are not very impressive, but the center of town is beautiful and has lots of cafes to sit outside and drink coffee at. It's just the right size, not small enough that everyone knows each other but not so big that you feel lost or like 'just another person in the mix'. The teachers at my school are simply wonderful. They've been amazing, and I don't feel like I can begin to cover how great they all have been and how at home they've made me feel. Every single one of them is kind, welcoming, eager to get to know me, friendly, helpful, and nice. The eleventh grade students took me out to coffee today and talked to me the whole time. I was amazed at how good their English was. I couldn't ask for a better school and town or have picked a more perfect fit for me if I choose it myself. As far as PC assignments go I know I lucked out. I really hope everyone else in my Training Class feels the same way though. :-) I'm so freaking excited about getting here in a month and a half. Now I feel like I have incentive to learn Bulgarian. I want to be able to learn about the people here as much as they want to learn about me. It's amazing. I'm in shock.


Anonymous said...

I'm delighted and thrilled that you are in a good place and are making so many friends. You have certainly earned this and it's great to feel you're happiness and excitement! Do you have a new address yet?

What a wonderful answer to all those prayers from the hundreds of people here at home that are praying for you and think of you so often!
Love you soooooooo much,

leslie said...

o krista! i miss you tons! i'm so glad that it's been a wonderful experience for you so far. i loooove reading your updates and seeing the pics on facebook. i'm praying for you lots and i looooooooooove you!