Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I found out where I’m going to be for the next 2 years the other day. It’s a medium sized town in the north center of Bulgaria. The name of the town is Byala Slatina. I’ll be working at an agriculture specialty school. I’m so excited to see it. There’s another volunteer from my group that’s going to be living in the same town as me. Her name is Sehee. She’s really fun and I’m really excited about her being close to me! I’m going to live on the campus of the school in a boarding house. The school has a fitness center, a summer swimming pool, a garden patch, and a hotel/boarding house. They seem super friendly and I can’t wait to meet all the English teachers and the staff.

I’m loving it right now. I’ve spent the past two days with all the volunteers in sessions but also hanging out. It’s amazing how quickly you can make close friends. I feel like I’ve known these people forever. They are so supportive and we all understand what each other is going through. It’s incredible how much you can bond through common experiences. I feel like I don’t know the Volunteers at all, and yet I know them so well and can talk to any of them and hang out with any of them. It's really nice to hang out with these amazing people. We all are so different, but have the same empathetic spirit and desire to do something good. I'm so fortunate to know them.

The language is so challenging. I'm going to have to learn much, much more before I go to my site permanently.

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