Monday, August 6, 2007

Finally!! Rain!

For the past few days it's been raining here. The temperatures are now in the 70's and 60's. It's very overcast and I feel like I've greened a little, in a good way. I've also started English Classes with the teachers at my school. Only 2 come, but we have fun and I like them a lot. It's more of a social hour where they can ask me questions about English words, but my goal changed within the first day and now it is to get to know them and become friends. With a good start on my goal for teaching, nice green plants staring at me when I get outside, cool air coming into my apartment, and a very loving cat at home I am now fully settled in. And still the to-do list hangs over my head... I need to find a tutor. That's the big one. Most of the other to-do's involve studying and working with the language, which seems to be my downfall. I also need a game plan for the first few weeks of school, but I have plenty of time for that.
As the rain started I had the opportunity to go to a concert. It was the Slavi concert. Slavi has a Jay Leno/David Letterman type night show and is also a singer. He's got an amazing band and is very popular with the Bulgarians. The concert was great! The ticket only cost 6 leva (less than $5) and it was well worth it. The first few acts were from Music Idol (yes, American Idol shows are every where, there is no escape). Then there was an amazing traditional number with loads of traditional Bulgarian bagpipe-ish instruments and dancers; that was worth the 6 leva by itself. Then Slavi came on with fireworks and Las Vegas dancers complete with ridiculous headdresses. The music was mediocre but the show was great!
Other than all that the highlight of my day today was making peach pie. I went to the market. Which is every Monday and is the highlight of my Monday because what else would be. I was the first one there at a little before 8 am... and I thought they got an early start? I still can't get over the fact that I get 5 lbs of peaches for $2.50. The produce here, in summer alone, is amazing and wonderful. I'm also going to make stuffed zucchini with the single 2 lb zucchini I bought. It's a giant! King of all zucchini!

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